How You Should Prevent DDoS Attacks and Enhance Security

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With the ongoing political turmoil between Russia and Ukraine, the cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically. Before the war, the focus of global businesses was to cope with network threats in the wake of the pandemic. Remote and hybrid working models exposed network vulnerabilities and potential data theft. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a major concern for businesses. In her article for IT Brief Australia, Shannon Williams shares how you can prevent DDoS attacks and save your firm from potential threats.

The Unprecedented Rise of DDoS Attacks

The frequency of DDoS attacks increased drastically in the initial months of 2022. The attacks varied from hacktivism to terabit attacks in Asia and the US. Additionally, the number of DDoS attacks has dramatically increased by 203% in comparison to the first six months of 2021. Radware recently resolved a massive carpet-bombing attack that continued for 36 hours and affected more than 2.9 PB of data. It has become essential to prevent DDoS attacks because they pose a serious data threat in the context of volume and duration.  

Why It Is Crucial to Prevent DDoS Attacks

Patriotic hacktivism has soared recently, and much of the credit goes to the unstable political situation between several nations. Patriotic hackers are putting in their best effort to steal confidential information from the enemy state and demolish their network security. Many companies think if their nation is safe from political crises, their business security will not be affected. However, cyberattacks usually take advantage of such political rivalries, and that is precisely why you should prevent DDoS attacks.

Integration with Ransomware

Several cyber invaders are using the opportunity of DDoS attacks to enhance their cyberattack model. They have integrated DDoS with ransomware functions that target online transactions. The retail and wholesale industry has been on top of the priority list, closely followed by high-tech companies. SaaS and carrier providers are also at relatively significant risk. Companies must pay close attention to DDoS attacks and their resolution.   

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