New Security Principles That Deserve Your Attention

From its beginning, cybersecurity was an exclusive affair. It blocked unfamiliar points of contact and ensured access for people with the proper network credentials. However, with the advent of cloud infrastructure and remote working models, security principles have changed. Companies are targeting the global market and have to open web access to every possible consumer. To facilitate team collaboration and cross-functional business operations, companies have begun to give network access to remote employees. In his article for Quality Digest, Nathan Parde shares how modern security principles impact the current network security.

How Security Principles Have Changed

Cybersecurity has become a transformational affair since the current US President’s appointment. He initiated an executive strategy to enhance the country’s cybersecurity by improving zero-trust security processes. MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory has come up with innovative zero-trust models that will benefit the government and private sectors alike. Many business leaders and stakeholders are often reluctant to implement new security principles because they believe they are going to be costly. The Lincoln Laboratory is trying to help companies overcome such misconceptions.

Why You Must Integrate Legacy Methods

Jeffrey Gottschalk, the assistant head of Lincoln Laboratory, mentions that it is vital to enhance the conventional methods of network safety. It helps the user maintain a sense of familiarity. However, the security systems providers should make sure they improve their security quotient and keep it simple to use. Parde shares instances where an external threat hacks the system and gets easy access to the network by altering its identity.

Zero-trust offers an entirely safe option where it treats every external and internal connection as a strange entity unless it passes the mandatory security check. Implementing a zero-trust system in a global company might take a few years. There is no readymade operational system that would support every firm, which is why it would take longer than usual. However, Parde suggests that the zero-trust strategy has proven pretty effective in the government and private sectors equally.

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