Top Leadership Skills That Make You a Great Leader

Changing leadership approaches to meet the demands of a fast-changing, unpredictable world is inevitable. Traditional ‘command-and-control’ styles are outdated, while more agile and collaborative processes are accepted today. In this video at Inc., Hatch founder Ariane Goldman explains the most significant steps leaders must take to find balance. Empathy is identified as one of the crucial leadership skills. Sharing everyday human experiences, bringing down defensive walls, and showing you are a real person make you seem more approachable.

Furthermore, it helps you earn respect. “Humility and the acceptance that you do not have to be great is important to being a great leader,” says Goldman. Furthermore, experts believe that how you handle failure speaks a lot about your leadership skills. Taking responsibility for any part you played in missing a goal and exploring what went wrong with your team demonstrates what great a leader you are. Watch this video to learn more about finding the right balance in your leadership styles.

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