Agile Management Style: How to Make Your Journey a Success

Even if you have not tested the waters of project management, you have likely heard of the agile management style. What originally started as a way to develop software has now become a software management methodology used by experts and beginners. If you are one of those project leaders wanting to dramatically improve how your organization delivers value, switch to an agile project management methodology. In this article at the Association for Project management, Dave Waller shares some valuable tips for making agile project management work without pain.

How to Make Your Agile Management Style Work

Learn If Your Agile Management Style Suits the Organization

Make an honest assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses before committing to an agile project management methodology. “Work out why you want to use agile. Identify the problem you need to solve and apply it to that, rather than seeking to use it as a broad one-type-fits-all solution,” says Waller.

Lead by Example

Visualize work openly and transparently, inviting feedback and conversations. Furthermore, experts suggest you conduct regular and early retrospectives to drive continuous improvement. Additionally, encourage different departments of your organization to collaborate.

Consistently Measure Team Progress

Iterative work needs consistent feedback to be successful. Adopting a data-driven approach will help minimize errors as you transition to an agile management style. Here are some KPIs that allow you to measure the progress:

Cycle time enables you to assess how quickly your team is producing value.Burn-up indicates how much work is completed compared to the total amount of work.Burn-down evaluates how efficient your team is at completing the assigned tasks.Flow of work identifies if your team can keep work continuously moving through the processes.

Measuring progress helps you identify and correct constraints before they become more significant problems.

Making the shift to an agile management style is not without challenges. Companies must build structures encouraging collaboration and empowerment of managers and team members to get the best results from agile processes.

To read the original article, click on https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/five-tips-to-make-agile-project-management-work-without-any-pain/.

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