Can These 12 Agile Principles Accelerate Project Success?

The agile principles are the foundation of the agile project management process. They support businesses in streamlining their product-development cycles and achieving better results. Furthermore, they can be applied to teams of different sizes. The principles foster a closer working relationship among team members. What started as a guide for software development has now become an accepted process for handling projects. In this article at PMStudent, Stella Lincoln shares the basic 12 agile principles that help project managers to focus on learning and collaboration.

12 Agile Principles to Achieve Project Success

Achieve customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.Accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process.Frequently deliver working software.Encourage collaboration between the business stakeholders and developers throughout the project.Support, trust, and motivate everyone involved in the project.Communicate information through face-to-face interactions.Working software is the primary step towards project progress.Maintain a sustainable and consistent development pace.Pay continuous attention to technical details and design to enhance agility.Maintain simplicity.Use self-organized teams to encourage great architecture, requirements, and designs.Reflect regularly on how to become more effective.

The Benefits

The benefits of agile principles vary from one project to the other. Here are some of the expected benefits that you must be aware of:

Integrating agile principles into product development helps in achieving higher product quality. With regular testing as an integral part of the product development lifecycle, products will be subjected to frequent checks.Agile teams can engage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. This enables stakeholders to offer feedback and ensure that the final product is well-suited to their needs. These customized deliverables are likely to boost customer satisfaction and retention.As agile teams are receptive to changes, teams can reassess their plans and adjust their priorities to align with updated goals. Being adaptable helps teams consistently deliver and manage clients’ changing requirements.Development teams have better visibility into the project and can instantly spot risks. Furthermore, this allows the teams to create an effective risk mitigation process and gives the project a great chance of success.

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