Project Closure: What Next for Hard-Working Teams?

Project managers are often result-oriented and hard-driving. However, it goes against the grain if the client abruptly cancels a project. Team members often become distraught because they have spent years working on the project. Having it canceled out of nowhere can be very emotional. So, what information — and how much of it — should you share with your teams about project closure? In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Galen Low explains how to lead a team when a project abruptly ends.

How to Handle a Project Closure

Do Not Take Project Closure Personally

It is difficult not to take an abrupt cancellation personally, especially if you are a project manager. You may even wonder if there was something your team could have done to prevent a project closure. Your project could have been meeting the budget and schedule. However, remind yourself that cancellation was a client decision with many complex factors out of your control.

Consider It as a Learning Opportunity

Get the team to write down what they had hoped to achieve on the canceled project. Then create a board that everyone can see or access as a reminder of what to strive for on their next project,” says Low. Project closure might teach you a lesson to set short-term goals for IT teams or set expectations differently based on the customer and sponsor requirements. Furthermore, abrupt project cancellation can help you identify unique ways to set up a budget and project terms.

Apply Your Learning to Future Projects

As a project manager, understand what skills your team members want to acquire. Provide adequate training and tools to turn the bench time into real growth.

Offer Support to Your Team

Make a special effort to understand your team members’ worries and stress. Today, most employees work in the hybrid model. You cannot rely on hallway conversation to check how they feel about the canceled project. Therefore, regularly check in with employees to listen to what they are asking and saying. Ask if they need support.

To read the original article, click on https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/what-to-say-do-when-project-cancelled/.

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