How Middle Managers Can Enhance Team Productivity

According to McKinsey reports, 75% of the survey respondents perceived dealing with senior management as the most stressful. However, the pandemic affected senior officials and the teams equally. It has made organizations evaluate their working schedule and team-building strategies. The Great Resignation has transformed hiring and recruiting processes. It has consequently made the role of middle managers crucial. They must mediate the communications between the senior leadership and the workforce. Furthermore, managers also should encourage their team’s morale and implement better decisions for the company’s betterment. In their new webinar for McKinsey, Tera Allas and Bill Schaninger discuss how managers can enhance a team’s productivity.

Middle Managers and Their Responsibilities

Organizations can do several things that will empower their managers to upscale business production and the team’s mental well-being:

Cultivate an environment of trust, empathy, and transparent communication where you can talk about the positive and negative aspects of the business.Acknowledge and remove organizational barriers, such as bias and confusion, by prioritizing your relations with the team and stakeholders.Conduct regular training and workshops for managers to help them effectively assess and resolve problems. It will help your team build empathy and mindfulness and better understand each other’s abilities.Encourage reinforcement mechanisms that facilitate strong servant leadership skills.

How Managers Can Uplift the Company Mindset

Allas and Schaninger convey that middle managers should lead their team by example by attending to their team’s problems personally. They should instill a culture of situational humility that relies on a kindness and growth mindset. Senior leaders should also keep in mind that managers are under extreme stress themselves. Business owners should provide middle managers the skills and resources to work effectively. Furthermore, business owners should also be aware that middle managers are not out there to ‘do’ the job. Senior leaders should motivate managers to collaborate with the team efficiently.

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