Inefficient Team Dynamics: Are Firms the Ones to Blame?

Leadership is often perceived as a subjective concept by most organizations. When it comes to promoting a professional for a leadership role, they make the decisions based on technical expertise. Business leaders believe that if they diligently attend leadership workshops and sessions, they have accomplished their job. Most firms have begun to introduce key performance indicators (KPIs) that have amplified leadership abilities holistically. KPIs focus on enhancing team dynamics that consequently give better opportunities to the leaders where they can lead and learn simultaneously. In his article for the Association for Project Management, Nick Fewings shares why you must focus on team dynamics.

How Strong Team Dynamics Empower Leaders

The responsibility to construct and manage an efficient team does not lie solely on the leader. It is the duty of team members and senior officials to provide the required resources and a sense of confidence to the leader. Business tools and techniques are undoubtedly some of the essential aspects of effective team building. However, developing a sense of trust and compassion among your team members will open new doors to communication.

Tips to Measure Team Efficiency

Fewings points out that a leader can easily get an idea of the team’s technical knowledge by going through their CVs. However, the leader has to dig deep when focusing on behavioral skills. Here are some tips that can help you measure and enhance team dynamics:

Does your team have a clear understanding of the task?To what extent do your team members trust each other and you?How effectively and frequently do your team members collaborate and share their knowledge?Does your team plan their tasks and update the task list regularly?

Prioritizing tasks and involving each other to ease and enhance the process benefits the group and business. If your team members or the leaders are affecting team dynamics, it is better to communicate and resolve issues.

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