Find Out Which Countries Are Leading Digital Capabilities

Leadership today appears to recognize the need for adaptability. Only businesses that embrace new technologies and industrial digitization will survive and prosper. Despite the market turmoil, companies that went online and fully digitalized their goods and services were able to survive and thrive. In turbulent markets, organization agility and digital capabilities are just as important as implementing new technologies. Change is happening rapidly, and business environments are transforming swiftly. This article at IT Brief by Mitchell Hageman shares the insights from Workday and IDC research on global digital agility leaders.

Leaders of Digital Capabilities and Agility

According to a recent study from Workday and IDC, Australia and New Zealand are rising to the top of the digital agility rankings. Per IDC-Workday Digital Agility Index (DAI) Asia/Pacific 2020, Australia ranked third, surpassing its peers in Singapore and New Zealand in terms of overall performance. During the pandemic, Australian and New Zealand organizations made significant strides to assume regional leadership in digital agility. In the meantime, domestic, regional, and international competitors seized the opportunity presented by new technologies to innovate and establish themselves as attractive locations for talented workers. The four dimensions of digital agility, organizational culture, people, processes, and technology were also used to evaluate organizations.

Insights on Digital Capabilities

67% of Australian and 51% of New Zealand organizations are now coordinating to facilitate digital transformation initiatives. Leading organizations have made more progress scaling enterprise-wide digital transformation at the enterprise level than the laggards. Despite greater technology adoption during the pandemic, 62% of APAC firms still lacked digital agility. Lawrence Cheok, associate research director for digital transformation at IDC, said, “It is not surprising to see increased technology adoption driving agility improvement.” To achieve this, organizations must follow in the footsteps of agility leaders and go from tactical to strategic enterprise-wide transformations.  

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