Non-Tech Jobs: Are You a Good Fit for These Positions?

Non-technical roles play a more significant part in IT organizations than you think. While technical functions are vital, these non-tech jobs can help fill gaps and ensure your business succeeds. However, alongside the growing value, tech companies face substantial regulations. Therefore, hiring compliance professionals is more critical than ever before. In this article at SiliconRepublic, Jenny Darmody explains why tech companies must hire compliance officers.

Being a Compliance Officer is One of the Non-Tech Jobs

Specific job requirements for compliance officers vary greatly. Some positions may even demand certifications and retraining particular to the business or industry. However, leadership, writing, ethical decision-making, communications, and public speaking are some crucial skill sets one must have for this job position. Compliance is one of the non-tech jobs. But, the industry’s evolution has made specific non-technical skills more critical than ever. The compliance job position demands professionals that are:

Organized, inquisitive, innovative problem solversSolid time managers with the ability to multitaskUp-to-date with technological advancementsThoroughly aware of the company’s culture

Furthermore, they must be able to prevent, detect, and remediate compliance violations.

Compliance Officers: In-Demand Jobs

The field of information technology has many job opportunities in compliance. Today, even graduate trainee programs include compliance in their schedule. In addition, entry-level roles are available in most compliance monitoring departments. If you are looking forward to becoming a compliance officer in the IT industry, here are some of the job positions you should be aware of:

IT compliance officer: As a compliance officer, you must monitor operational processes and procedures using a compliance management system to ensure that the business complies with all legal regulations and ethical standards.Cybersecurity risk and compliance analyst: You must develop, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for information security,  business continuity, and quality assurance operation. Additionally, you must conduct internal audits and assist the third-party assessments and internal risk management reviews in helping ensure the confidentiality of organizations’ critical data.

To learn more about non-tech jobs in the IT industry, click on https://www.siliconrepublic.com/careers/compliance-professionals-tech-jobs.

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