Delivery Performance: Tips to Review and Optimize

Business components play a vital role in optimizing the delivery performance of a project. Various business prospects, such as finances, resources, and risk management, are often overlooked in poorly organized business plans. If you want to review and optimize your business delivery performance, make sure you give enough attention to quality and scope. Scope focuses on the content of the project, and quality, as the name suggests, is the standard of the work you deliver. In one of their articles, Online PM Courses share how to understand and efficiently implement delivery performance.

Understanding Delivery Performance and Its Components

Delivery Performance Domain

The delivery domain strives to achieve the scope and quality of the project that were determined in the beginning. Some project management experts believe that the focus of a good delivery domain should be on benefits rather than value. However, it is better to prefer value to benefits because it also covers your project’s cost management.

Principles of a Delivery Domain

Here are some essential principles of the delivery domain:

Support the concepts of delivery business and its strategy.Interpret the meeting scope clearly and achieve the goals.Deliver the project tasks on time.Communicate with stakeholders about different project results.

Subsidiary Components of the Performance Domain

Here are some of the components of the performance domain that enhance the overall quality:

Delivery of valueDeliverablesQualitySuboptimal outcomes

How to Optimize a Performance Domain

The main driving force of delivery productivity depends upon its value, deliverables, and cost of quality. There are four performance domain elements that can enhance the overall productivity:

Cost managementSchedule managementConfiguration managementBenefits management

Things to Include in Project Domains

Make sure you do not miss the cost and resource interpretations. Discuss it with your team and evaluate the performance elements regularly.

How Delivery Performance Impacts Other Project Domains

The performance domain is directly associated with most of the project domains. If it is not handled efficiently, it might affect the other components of your project. To facilitate a compelling connection between performance domain and project tasks, prioritize deliverables that stakeholders bring forward. Measure your control delivery and keep a margin for uncertain business decisions.

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