Project Management Podcasts and Books That Help You

Successful project managers have shared that learning is an unending process. Constant learning expands your knowledge and keeps you aware of modern market trends. One of the most effective and easiest ways to develop your learning is through project management podcasts and books. You can access them at your leisure, and they can enhance your skills and boost your confidence and mental wellness. In her article for the Association for Project Management, Annie Mirza shares how project management podcasts and books help you.

Project Management Podcasts That You Must Listen to

Here is a list of project management podcasts that will enhance your skills:

Project Management Happy Hour – This podcast by Kim Essendrop and Kate Anderson exhibits a friendly approach to project management concerns. It also offers practical tips and examples that give you a new viewpoint on project management.The APM Podcast – The podcast covers discussions on various project management issues. What makes this one of the most effective project management podcasts is its relevance. The offered insights are equally beneficial to your team and business.Connecting Construction – This podcast is hosted by Evan Hill and Matte Sprague. Every episode of this series features project managers, analysts, and contractors that provide helpful advice.

Books You Should Give a Read

Here is a list of books that will enhance your project knowledge and awareness:

Neuroscience for project success: Why people behave as they do by Carole OsterweilCan artificial intelligence learn to be a project professional; an initiative by the University of ManchesterMaking workshops work by Dr. Penny PullanEngaging stakeholders and harnessing people power by Elizabeth Harrin

If you do not have time to listen to podcasts or read books, spend at least 10 minutes every day learning something related to management. It will boost your confidence and encourage your team to work efficiently.

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