Why Mercado Libre Is Doubling Its Electric Van Fleet

Mercado Libre is often termed the Amazon of Latin America. It has improved business operations and online sales in the region to a great extent. However, as business experts anticipate an upcoming recession, Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang talks to Pedro Arnt, the CEO of Mercado Libre. On being asked how the company is preparing to deal with the recession, Arnt mentions that Latin America has a comparatively higher inflation rate than the US. It has helped them prepare for the downturn and facilitate the online production management. The CEO adds that the company is going through a J curve of adoption and has more than 483 online visits per second. The company is expanding at an unprecedented scale, increasing the need for better logistics. Mercado Libre plans to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint. The company has raised $400 million, which will help initiate the vehicular shift of the company.

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