Ethical Leadership: 3 Things You Must Stand Up for

Leadership styles vary from manager to manager. However, have you realized if your style resembles ethical leadership? Author Sonam Khan explains that this form of leadership means “leading through a set of strong principles and behaviours driven by moral values.” Not only your words but your action should also elevate others in the team to inculcate a positive work attitude. Furthermore, if you want an inclusive culture in your team, you must follow that yourself. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Khan shares three things you must consider when you are rallying for ethical leadership.

Ethical Leadership Factors to Consider

Honesty Rules in Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership demands honesty. You can build trust only when you communicate openly and genuinely with your teammates. Situations will not be on your side, and team members will face difficulty at times. This is when you should display the strength of honesty and transparency to garner respect. Sometimes, truth is brutal, but that is how you should run your team.

Create a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

Do people feel protected to ask questions they are apprehensive about discussing elsewhere? If not, you should create a safe space for teammates to talk about their work concerns freely. Having their back when they face issues can create long-lasting loyalty and bonding. Make sure that all team members have a voice. Listen to each individual opinion with respect.

Integrity Is the Need of the Hour

Do you speak up for your people? Team managers should be helpful, reliable, and dependable, says Khan. The other significant factor for ethical leadership is having the principles to stand up for what is right. This empowers the team to stay productive and speak up when things are wrong. Remember, how you treat your team members is what you will get back eventually.

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