How a Cloud Network Architecture Can Impact Tech Disruption

The pandemic has made it relatively easier for corporations to facilitate digital changes. Cloud network architecture is one of the essential aspects of modern business models. It has helped businesses accelerate digital operations with the help of mobile computing and data analytics. According to an Accenture survey, 77 percent of the respondents believe that networking is crucial for their organization’s betterment. A cloud network architecture makes it easier for companies to install greater business bandwidth. In his article for BizTech Magazine, Matt McLaughlin shares how the cloud network benefits modern tech.

How Technology Supports Your Cloud Network Architecture

Businesses have begun to use Cloud Networking as a Service Provider (NaaS) to achieve their organizational goals. It helps firms to regulate and supervise switches, routers, and access points that consequently support them to upscale their production. Aaron Pratt, a network solution practice lead with CDW, states, “Cloud-managed networking is very cost-effective. You can start small and scale up easily, and you can buy as many licenses as you need without having to buy new hardware”.

The Significance of Network Technology

Companies introducing such effective network technology models benefit in several ways. For instance, the orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access (OFDMA) feature of Wi-Fi 6 enables many clients to communicate through one access point. The cloud network architecture also provides more precise insights into the business and digital administration. Most companies struggle to establish effective and reliable communication that supports their business operations. Pratt believes network technology can play a crucial role in making the necessary changes.

Many professionals think that implementing a cloud network architecture can be an intricate process and might not yield great results. However, McLaughlin mentions that network technology reduces the risk of human error and unnecessary tech reliability. It prioritizes human decision-making abilities and focuses on transparent communication. With the help of automated enforcement of security policies, network technology reduces the risk of potential cyber threats.  

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