Sales Process Flowchart: Is Emotion AI a Viable Option?

The sales process flowchart has changed market processes significantly. With the help of technological advancements, companies are experimenting with sales models. Several corporations have introduced ‘emotion AI’ that comprehends consumers’ emotions.  It helps your company assess individual sales calls and provides necessary feedback that strengthens your sales process flow. According to Verified Market Research, emotion AI could help the sales business reach $7.3 billion by the end of 2028. In his article for Raconteur, Sam Forsdick talks about the advent of emotion AI and how it has transformed the sales industry.

How AI Is Modifying the Sales Process Flowchart

The success of emotion AI relies heavily on psychological research. Emotions, gestures, and facial expressions are widely subjective and cannot be perceived with specific parameters. However, emotion AI has an accumulated data storage that helps it analyze facial expressions and respond accordingly. This process leads to fairly good results but also poses a risk of inaccuracy. Patrick Ehlen, vice president of AI at Uniphore, mentions, “it’s an unreliable technology to be making very big, critical decisions.” He suggests that AI should be used under the scrutiny of a team led by sales and IT professionals.

How Behavioral AI Functions

Some companies have launched behavioral AI that perceives the body language of consumers and derives possible suggestions on that basis. The manufacturers of behavioral AI believe it will help companies track their sales leads effectively and yield good results. However, several business experts think otherwise. They believe that behavioral AI, like emotion AI, oversimplifies human emotions and does not provide accurate service.

What Do AI Manufacturers Say?

Gorish Aggarwal, CEO and Co-founder of behavioral AI manufacturer Sybill states that there is still a long way to go. He shares, “As these technologies make their way into the mainstream, people will become more comfortable with them, and this will become less of an issue.” AI can certainly play a crucial role in upscaling the sales process in the future. However, it is essential for both AI manufacturers and companies that implement AI models to keep consumer satisfaction a priority.

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