How DevOps Adoption Can Help You Scale Up Transformation

There is a considerable need for enterprises to adopt a DevOps-based approach due to increasing customer expectations and fierce competition. With the use of DevOps, previously separate functions such as development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security can now coordinate and work together to produce software more quickly and effectively. DevOps adoption is becoming more crucial due to the growing demand for communication between business and IT teams. It helps to digitize businesses to automate operations, seamlessly transition to advanced technologies, and improve the deployment of agile frameworks. This article at Good e-Learning by Norv Leong speaks about five steps to adopt and scale DevOps in larger organizations.

Gartner’s Research on DevOps Adoption

According to Gartner research, by 2025, more than 95% of new digital workloads will be delivered on the cloud. DevOps is being used by companies worldwide at an increasing rate to support these cloud installations. DevOps practices were reportedly adopted in 2021 by 83% of IT decision-makers to increase the business value of their technology. In the same year, nearly half of businesses witnessed a decrease in the time to market for software and services, and 58% of firms claimed improved performance and higher ROI from implementing DevOps.

Five Ways You Can Scale DevOps Adoption

Given the advantages of DevOps, it should come as no surprise that businesses seek to embrace and scale it to suit their needs:

Offering incentives like bonuses or rewards to DevOps stakeholders, such as developers, IT operations staff, and business leaders, may help get executive sponsorship.Creating repeatable workflows so multiple teams can use them enables DevOps to grow more widely and makes it easily scalable.For DevOps initiatives to be successful, organizations must create career paths and train employees on the required tools and methods.Before deploying any solutions, organizations must first establish metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of DevOps. Setting KPIs will give businesses a base from which to launch more DevOps initiatives or, if necessary, change their course.Embracing new technologies and taking on new projects can help organizations future-proof DevOps and embed it into the company’s culture.

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