Electric Taxis Will Be a Dream Come True Very Soon

Even the most upscale streets will not be a preferred taxi route once VoloCity electric taxis emerge. It is an air taxi that will soar without any noise or emissions. VoloPorts will enable seamless, quicker, and more practical urban transit by connecting customers with important transportation hubs like train stations and airports. The VoloCity is a truly game-changing aircraft. A highly advanced, all-electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities is the VoloCity air taxi. Volocopter was the first company to create and operate a passenger-carrying helicopter of this type back in 2011. The cost is 40% less than a helicopter ride, and eventually, it will be comparable to the cost of a premium taxi ride. The business eventually wants to make the flying taxi more energy-efficient by replacing the pilot and making it autonomous. In this video at Bloomberg, Anurag Kotoky speaks to Christian Bauer, Volocopter’s Chief Commercial Officer, to get more interesting facts about the much-awaited electric flying taxis.

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