The New Job Description – What Is the Job of a Manager?

Businesses are undergoing growth and change all the time. However, transformational leadership can inspire workers to embrace change by nurturing company cultures of accountability, ownership, and workplace autonomy. Leaders must encourage, inspire, and motivate employees to create changes that will enable the company to grow and succeed. These changes necessitate a new job description for managers. So, what is the job of a manager? Managers broadly fall into one of two categories. Those who enjoy the concept of creating a new playbook specifically for their position and those who are most at ease following one that rarely changes. Managers that view this period of disruption and ambiguity as an opportunity will succeed in this era of constant disruption. This article at Strategy+Business by Adam Bryant discusses what is the job of a manager.

More Autonomy to Manager Jobs

Businesses are giving frontline managers more decision-making responsibility, which requires them to use increasingly tricky judgment. The managers that contribute to the ‘frozen middle’ of their organization will experience a challenging transition period due to the increased freedoms or pressures. The phrase ‘frozen middle’ refers to the group of managers that are the most averse to change and continuously frustrate C-suite executives attempting to implement a transformation strategy. The author knew a CEO who once remarked, “There are too many policemen here,” referring to staff that believed it was their duty to report anything that strayed outside the boundaries of “that’s not how we do things around here.” Managers cannot maintain that mindset as decision-making becomes more decentralized.

Job Focus of a Manager

Managing a hybrid work environment and deciding on the combination of person and remote work depends on the collaboration required. Being overly strict about back-to-office rules can amplify the risk of employees searching for more flexible employment. Terri Ludwig, the president of Ballmer Group, a US organization, says, “It is my responsibility to ensure that you feel empowered to lead from your seat, regardless of where you are or what function you play within the organization.” She also mentions, “This is about understanding that you can affect change and outcomes in any capacity inside the business, and we all have to do that for us to be truly innovative, to fulfill our mission, and to make breakthroughs.”

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