Virtual Mentor – How You Can Make the Most

A nine-to-five office job is no longer a feasible option. Globally, remote work is becoming common, and numerous hybrid arrangements are rising. This trend necessitates that managers and leaders possess the skills of a virtual mentor. Employees with access to good mentorship connections gain several personal and professional advantages. Mentoring also contributes to the retention and advancement of talented new hires when it is a visible part of a company’s culture. This article at The Digital Project Manager by Galen Low shares three tips for virtual mentoring in a remote work environment.

Advantages of Having a Virtual Mentor

Similar to remote work, mentoring is primarily defined by the results rather than the mentoring channel. The fundamental building blocks of developmental growth are commitment, trust, relationship quality, and mentor competence. In the new remote and hybrid work environment, virtual mentoring offers many distinct advantages that indicate this form of mentoring is more inclusive. There is also arguably some advantage to virtual mentoring from someone within your organization. It helps you align yourself to growth opportunities within your grasp while considering the nuances of the work environment and culture of your organization. The same is valid from the other side- as a virtual mentor, you can retain and sculpt top talent if you create the proper engagement and learning opportunities in a virtual context.

Three Tips for Virtual Mentors

Consider inviting your mentee to virtual meetings or presentations that are not confidential. Introduce them to attendees so they know why they are there.If you cannot have your mentee or mentor attend a meeting, use your notes to provide coaching or to seek advice. Learning about specific scenarios makes better teachable moments than broad and vague topics.Increase your frequency of meeting your mentor or mentee for meaningful growth.

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