Is Program Governance Essential to Your Company’s Success?

Organizations immensely benefit from a structured set of rules that clarify every member’s role in the program. Program governance often refers to a framework to communicate, implement, monitor, and ensure that policies and best practices are followed. Understanding what the framework entails is helpful if you work in program management. In this article at GroundWaterGovernance, Olivia explains how governance can help you succeed in your program.

How to Ensure Good Program Governance

According to experts, an organization must establish a separate program-level governance board for any key IT transformation initiatives. The board members must typically include executives and represent the program’s key stakeholders. Furthermore, the members must have the authority to make critical decisions about the program. For a program governance board to be effective, organizations must create an environment conducive to collaboration and trust among the board members. “A good governance model requires the participation of all stakeholders. Those in charge of deciding on a solution must listen to all voices and opinions,” says Olivia.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Governance Body

Establishing clear roles and responsibilities from a program management’s initial phase is critical for success. A program governance body typically performs the following functions:

Defines the program’s purpose and objectives, establishes its structures, sets performance expectations, and measures resultsProvides guidance for schedule, cost, performance, and technical solutions to ensure a program’s successEstablishes cross-team collaboration to identify an organization’s challenges, provides advice, establishes best practices, and shares solutionsProvides input for, or participates in, the critical development stages of the identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) programReviews ICAM program changes and resolves disputes between ICAM and individual program officesEvaluates performance and makes necessary recommendations for improvement

The author explains that good governance ensures programs operate efficiently and achieve the expected results within the defined budget and schedule. To accomplish this, an effective governing body is essential for the long-term success of any program.

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