Apple USB-C Charging Ports! Users Can Breathe Easy Now

In this Bloomberg Technology video, Mark Gurman shares welcoming news for all Apple users. You are finally going to have Apple USB-C charging ports. Unlike the rest of the brands, Apple has manufactured 30-pin iPod connectors since the 2000s. While those charged all Apple devices, you cannot use them for devices from other brands. In 2012, the company moved to the smaller Lightning charger after the iPhone 5 release. The European Union has been pushing USB-C for a while since it increases all gadgets’ interoperability. Apple is finally moving to USB-C in 2023, starting from its iPhone 15 release. So, you will have Apple USB-C charging ports for all devices from then on. However, the company wants users to go wireless. It is still pursuing the same with its latest Macbooks. These use MagSafe, a wireless, magnetic inductive charger. Users might embrace wireless charging features in the future.

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