This MIT Device Tracks Parkinson’s Progression at Home

Almost 1 million US citizens have Parkinson’s disease. However, 40% do not even visit specialists. But physicians need to track if the patients are responding to the prescribed medication. The more consistent patient activities are throughout the day, the more effective the medicine is. So, MIT researchers, led by Professor Dina Katabi, have invented a wireless gadget. This device tracks Parkinson’s patients’ walking patterns at home pre- and post-medication. It traces movements using machine learning and radio waves bouncing off patients’ bodies. The patients can freely move around in their natural environment without wearables.

The MIT team regularly contacted specialists to update the device’s usability. Ray Dorsey, a professor at the University of Rochester, points out how the device tracks Parkinson’s. Physicians can finally control dosage by simply tracking patients’ walking patterns. So, this MIT device can help treat Parkinson’s more effectively and in a short time. Watch this MIT video for more.

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