Can Digitally Connected Operations Enhance Resilience?

Modern businesses have developed significantly with the advent of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). They have brought considerable viability to organizational strategies and enhanced consumer-business interaction. Digital operations have also made it affordable and efficient for firms to capture and put data on the cloud. But can these connected operations improve the resilience of businesses in the wake of transformational scenarios? In his article for RT Insights, Joe McKendrick shares how you should use connected operations to upscale your firm’s performance.

How Connected Operations and Resilience Are Connected

Samsara recently launched a survey that involved 1,525 companies. 95% of the respondents believe business resilience relies heavily on connected operations. Furthermore, 91% of the participants stated that digital technology had improved their net profit. A firm’s digital awareness depends on its employees’ connected operations. Connected operations leaders are observed to outperform their peers and are more likely to generate better revenues.

Other Benefits of Digital Operations

There are various advantages of implementing digital technology in your business. According to the Samsara survey, 90% of the participants believe digitization will increase employee retention. Moreover, 90% of the participating companies have either implemented digital infrastructure or are planning to do so by 2023. Many companies restrict their digital operations to their in-office workforce. Digitally prepared industries provide better upskilling opportunities and effective business agility. It also helps eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on high-level business operations.

McKendrick mentions, “the people that keep our physical operations running—drivers, field technicians, safety managers, warehouse supervisors, and beyond—have historically been underserved by technology.” It is the fundamental responsibility of companies to educate every employee about technology. Conduct regular workshops or training sessions to teach them how to use it to make their job easier and more productive.

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