Disney Plans to Modernize Storytelling in the Metaverse

Disney is globally known for its storytelling experience and elaborate viewing experience. With the advent of the metaverse, Disney plans to make movies more engaging and captivating. In one of his recent videos, Bernard Marr shares how Disney plans to modernize the storytelling experience. Marr shares that films are often considered a passive experience, where you sit in front of the screen and witness a story. Bob Chapek, CEO at Disney, mentions that the company is working on making the viewing experience more immersive and interactive. Chapek further adds that Disney amusement parks have been successful in finding a balance between digital and physical storytelling. Modern tech allows the company to modernize storytelling procedures significantly. The organization has recently created a new position of Metaverse Executive. One of the primary responsibilities of the Metaverse Executive will be to look for prospects to explore AR and VR technologies in digital storytelling.

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