Daily Standup Meetings Can Be Effective If You Do This

Daily standup meetings have become a frequent habit for many teams. Ironically, standups are perceived as a waste of time by many teams. An effective meeting or Scrum fosters teamwork, inspires employees, and gauges the project’s progress; a poor one wastes everyone’s time. Conducting a meeting or Scrum is not difficult, but doing it effectively can be challenging. As project managers or Scrum masters, you want to ensure the success of your project teams by performing more efficient daily standup meetings. This article at The Digital Project Manager by Natalie Warnert discusses five ways to make your standup calls more effective.

What Must a Daily Standup Call Consist of?

The daily standup, often known as the daily Scrum, is one of the most well-known elements of the Scrum framework and the Agile approach. The feared SDLC (software development lifecycle) waterfall, which the agile framework seeks to avoid, is frequently the first to be crossed. Numerous factors might cause standup meetings to deviate from the agenda or run poorly. Therefore, you should focus on eliminating these habits to have more productive daily standup calls.

A daily standup call is:

15 minutes or lessA quick summarization of tasks completed yesterdayList tasks scheduled for todayDiscuss any roadblocksCreate a necessary 24-hour plan of action

It is easy for these simple principles to become tedious routines, for laziness to take over, and for your daily standup to go haywire. The competition for attention and time tends to make team members lose sight of the purpose of collaboration, understanding, and planning. Worse still, they cease communicating altogether.

Five Tips for an Effective Meeting

Ask and discuss more fundamental questions like:What did I do yesterday that helped us get closer to our sprint objectives?What can I do today to advance us toward our sprint objectives?What is keeping us from completing our sprint objectives?Cut short daily meetings by asking:What does the entire team need to know?Does anyone need help with any tasks?

Additionally, the author discusses removing distractions, providing visibility to track task ownership, and discussing something fun or telling a joke.

To read the original article, click on https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/how-to-run-more-effective-daily-stand-up-scrums/

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