Leadership Strategy and Tactics You Must Implement

Antarctic expeditions are considered one of the most severe and painstaking human endeavors. The expeditions were more challenging in the early 20th century due to a lack of resources and knowledge. Blizzards, scurvy, hypothermia, and frostbite were some of the main issues that explorers faced and succumbed to. However, some of the expeditions faced relatively lesser life-threatening circumstances. But how? In one of his articles for strategy+business, Brad Borkan shares the significance of leadership strategy and tactics. He further discusses how you should implement those strategies in business situations to have a better business future.

Leadership Strategy and Tactics that Can Help Firms

Leadership strategy and tactics primarily depend on team management and collaboration. Edward Wilson was the second-in-command of Scott, a renowned English explorer. Wilson helped Scott assess the situation and prioritize expedition goals. In addition, the crew members considered Wilson a connecting bridge that had a calming impact on Scott. He helped the team in boosting their morale and optimize their productivity.

How a Second-in-Command Can Enhance Teamwork

Having collaborative and diligent professionals on board certainly impacts the leadership strategy and tactics. Helen Dwight, a senior marketing leader, shares that a second-in-command leader helps the team in enhancing the team’s coherence. They can also convey business ideas more clearly to the leaders and mediate the process between the C-suite officials and team members. Dwight further mentions that second-in-command professionals have better chances for promotion.

According to Dwight, “It also enables people to experience managerial work before seeking a full-time managerial role. And it helps with succession planning: having a proven and experienced second-in-command means it’s easier for the leader to move higher in the organization.” According to Borkan, second-in-command officials can help team members refine their business ideas by giving honest feedback. He added that the presence of an effective leader improved his decision-making process and ability to adapt. Having collaborative and diligent professionals on board certainly impacts the leadership strategy and tactics in a positive way.

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