DevOps Method: Developers Lack Sufficient Security Focus

The rapid growth of technology has put software development teams under constant pressure to meet customer expectations. The traditional software development process has changed with the advent of cloud-based applications. Similarly, the development methodology has changed from a monolithic structure to an Agile approach, where developers continuously improve the software to meet evolving customer requirements. Developers have adopted the DevOps method and automation to streamline their development process. In this article at ZDNet, Joe McKendrick sheds light on GitLab DevSecOps survey highlights.

DevOps Method: Highlights of the Study

GitLab Inc. surveyed 5,001 technology managers, operations and security practitioners, and organizational leaders to understand the driving force behind choosing the DevOps method. Take a look at the study results here:

In 2022, 47% of respondents chose DevOps or DevSecOps to develop software, indicating a 5% increase over 2021.Nearly 70% of DevOps teams released code consistently—once a day or every few days.Over 60% of developers release code faster than before.Close to 62% of DevOps teams are practicing ModelOps to facilitate high-level software delivery automation.At least 31% of teams actively use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to review code lines. The rate is more than double that of last year.Nearly 20% plan to use AI/ML in software testing this year.

Security Is the Top Concern

Security has a seat in the DevOps method. 57% of security professionals revealed that finding bugs was one of the developer performance metrics in their organizations. However, 56% said finding talented developers who prioritized bug remediation was challenging.

What Is the Future of the DevOps Method?

31% of respondents desire to conduct better code reviews, automated testing, and improve their development plans.27% want to implement AI/ML for code writing and review.Security professionals believe that soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, are crucial in solving issues related to information overload, automation, compliance, and faster releases.

To read the original article, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/as-devops-adoption-rises-software-releases-hit-daily-stride/.

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