How to Effectively Boost Digital IQ in Your Workplace

Lack of digital intelligence is one of the significant barriers to the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions. The digital workplace market is progressing. Therefore, organizations must invest in the most up-to-date equipment and tools. However, most companies tend to overlook their employees’ digital intelligence. This simple yet impactful factor can hamper or advance digital transformation (DX) initiatives. So, how do you enhance your employees’ digital skills? In his vlog, Bernard Marr explains the top tips to improve the digital IQ in your organization. Marr explains that business leaders must offer various opportunities for employees to continuously learn and expand their skills. Furthermore, organizations must make digital investments that strategically fit well with their businesses. Additionally, IT leaders must assess digital health and identify gaps to prioritize action in their digital strategy. Marr also explains that focusing on the human experience is crucial when raising an organization’s digital IQ. Companies must consider creating a culture of technology innovation and adoption that is conducive to learning and collaboration. Watch this video to learn more about raising your organization’s digital IQ.

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