This Robot Manicure Uses AI Tech to Paint Your Nails

Getting a manicure at a salon can take between 30 minutes and two hours. Additionally, even the primary option will cost you at least $20, along with your trip expenses. San Francisco-based startup Clockwork has rolled out a new robot manicure service to paint fingernails. This AI-based service costs as little as $8 and takes fewer than 10 minutes. So, how does it work? Clockwork’s tabletop robot is about the size and shape of a microwave. Users must insert one of their fingers into a soft plastic strap. The robot’s 3D cameras take pictures of the nails and send them to its AI software. Then, a nozzle deposits the selected polish onto the nail in a single even coat. This robot manicure is not as relaxing and pampering as a trip to your favorite nail salon. However, Clockwork is a go-to option if you are in a hurry to get a simple, one-color manicure. Watch this video to learn more about robot manicures.

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