Secure Your Business Network with These Simple Steps

The frequency of data breaches at well-known corporations has undoubtedly increased awareness of strong cybersecurity for companies. Ironically, small business owners may take comfort in thinking their business is too small for hackers to be interested in. However, small businesses are at high risk, too, as hackers can get into their networks quickly due to weak security measures. This article at TechBullion by Angela Scott-Briggs discusses the essential steps every business must follow for a secure business network.

Network Security

Any business that deals with digital data is a target for criminals. While a small business might not have the funds to hire a full-time tech team, there are fundamental things every organization should do, irrespective of its size. The author shares best practices to establish a secure business network and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Tips to Secure Your Business Network

Protect Your Digital Information – Online threats can devastate you and your team. These threats range from hackers that infiltrate your systems and steal your data to viruses that can seriously harm your programs and equipment. Fortunately, prioritizing digital security does not have to be challenging. You can start by:

Installing a reliable antivirus programSetting up a firewallSetting up a complex password (and changing it regularly)Banning shopping, social, and other unnecessary websites

Install an Access Management System – Your assets, personnel, and data are at risk if unauthorized individuals access your office space. Install a card access system that requires each staff member to have a unique ID card. It will allow you to identify and track anyone that enters the property correctly. You can also utilize a visitor management system with facial recognition. Using a staff card system with enhanced visitor protection will unquestionably raise the standard of workplace safety because you can be certain that only those you trust have access to your property.

Vet Your Employees -Every time you need to hire new employees, it is crucial that you have the chance to thoroughly vet them by looking into their background and prior employment experiences. If you want to safeguard your company, make sure to vet all your personnel thoroughly.

Install Camera Systems – Installing cameras indoors and outdoors is a smart choice, and hiring a security guard will do more to make your company safer than you can imagine.

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