Executive Agenda: How Can Boards Lead Cybersecurity?

For a few years now, IT teams have asked, “How do we get the C-suite executives to prioritize cybersecurity?” The pandemic demonstrated the omnipresence of cyber threats as businesses moved from data center security to cloud security. Furthermore, they also expanded their digital footprint through digital transformation journeys. COVID-19 also led to many data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other security incidents. So, what should be the executive agenda in this rapidly shifting risk terrain? In this article at ZDNet, Danny Palmer explains why C-suite executives must be aware of cybersecurity threats.

The Executive Agenda Must Include Cybersecurity

Experts believe cybersecurity cannot be taken for granted in this ever-evolving risk landscape. Therefore, the management should set aside adequate money from their annual organizational budget. Palmer, while quoting Rob Joyce, the director of cybersecurity agency at the National Security Agency (NSA), explains, “Often the challenge is the culture and the resources; the will to say, ‘This is the thing that we have to do, and we are going to endure the pain to get there.

Where Should Board Members Start?

As a board member, you must meet with your organization’s security professionals.Have an honest conversation with your IT professionals about the state of your company’s current security posture.Identify the risks of inadequate cybersecurity and note high-risk areas within the business.Work with the security team to outline security-related goals to reduce your business’s overall risk.

Your security professionals might need a bigger budget to upgrade security technologies, onboard new team members, implement new solutions, or facilitate training. Furthermore, they may ask for companywide policy implementations or the formation of a cyber-related committee to provide ongoing support. Helping them achieve their goals should be your executive agenda’s top priority. Additionally, syncing the strategy and budget is crucial to achieving cyber resilience.

Click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/just-in-time-bosses-are-finally-waking-up-to-the-cybersecurity-threat/ to learn more about how board members must prioritize cybersecurity in their executive agenda.

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