How to Manage Change and Encourage Your Workforce for It

Leading the workforce on a change journey is a strenuous task. It needs an acute understanding of business models and strategies to manage change in organizations. Some enterprises rely too much on technical elements to facilitate change which does not include managing the mental wellness of the workforce. Can companies enhance the mental wellness of business professionals and manage change simultaneously? In his article for the Association for Project Management, Gavin Spencer shares how to manage change efficiently. 

How to Manage Change Effectively

Jo Stanford, Head of the Corporate Portfolio Office at Health Education England, states that change management should prioritize human resources. Firms should analyze their ongoing business operations and assess things that are not working well. Many senior leaders rush to implement changes without evaluating the existing framework. Stanford mentions that companies should be mindful of everyone involved at different stages.

How to Shift Focus from Tech to Team and Vice Versa

Stanford says, “we tend to separate out project management and change management on fairly big project complex projects.” Due to this division, senior leaders do not give enough attention to team management strategies. Prioritize the efforts and emphasis required to upscale change management operations.

How to Manage Change by Involving the Workforce

Sarb Hoskinson, senior IT program manager at Thermo Fischer Scientific, states that awareness is the most crucial aspect of change management policies. Build a sense of trust and familiarize your team with new business frameworks and policies. When your team feels comfortable discussing business processes, it builds a healthy workspace.

How Role Models Can Help

You cannot make other people believe in the goodness of your idea unless you believe in it first. As a leader, it is your responsibility to set the tone of business discourse and lead the discussion. Look for qualities you want to see as the defining attributes of your firm. Incorporate them into your behavior, and you will see your team promoting the same characteristics within the company.

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