Is Data Knowledge Crucial in the DX Process?

Data and analytics strategies have become integral to all aspects of digital business. Today, the rise of automation and acceleration of digital transformation has made it critical for professionals to become more literate in digital technologies and data. To build a data-literate workforce, chief data officers (CDOs) must communicate the significance of data knowledge training by tracking relevant metrics. In this article at IT Business Edge, Tom Taulli explains why data literacy is key to successful digital transformation.

How to Speed Up Your Business with Data Knowledge

Some companies will create their courses for digital literacy. This can provide more customization for the organization’s needs. However, course development can be expensive, time-consuming, and impractical for smaller enterprises,” says Taulli. So, how do you enhance data knowledge among your employees and speed up your business?

Establish Data Knowledge Training Programs

Experts believe that uncertain business environments and the changing nature of work lead to skills gaps. As a business leader, you must address the existing skill gaps by rolling out data literacy training programs. Furthermore, ensure that learning data and analytics skills are part of your organizational culture.

Measure the Effectiveness of Data Literacy Programs

Employees and their managers must understand the benefits of data literacy training programs. To achieve a measurable value, you must:

Review the objectives and expected outcomes of training initiatives.Make the training more relevant and address existing skill gaps and knowledge requirements.Provide hands-on and practical programs for employees to apply what they have learned.

Find a Data Mentor

Data mentors need not always be data professionals. It can be a data scientist within your organization or a professional skilled in mining your company’s reporting systems. They must be able to help you base your actions on factual information.

To learn more about the significance of data knowledge in digital transformation initiatives, click on https://www.itbusinessedge.com/business-intelligence/data-literacy/.

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