Cloud Storage Risks: How to Tackle Tech Vulnerabilities

Companies are trying their best to accelerate IT security operations and their implementation. With the availability of various data storage infrastructures, companies often face the dilemma of choosing the right one. Organizations that use cloud infrastructure face specific risks regarding security and feasibility. Many firms have stated that cloud storage risks are one of their primary concerns regarding business safety. In a 2021 Continuity survey involving over 400 primarily used storage devices, more than 6,000 distinct vulnerabilities were discovered. In his article for CIO Insight, Drew Robb shares how companies can manage cloud storage risks and network vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities That Increase Cloud Storage Risks

Robb shares a list of major vulnerabilities that can impact your cloud infrastructure:

Continuation of the legacy version of storage protocolsImplementation of cyber suites that are redundantAvoidance of data encryptionAccess to cleartext HTTP sessionsLack of centralized management

Many enterprises believe that Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVEs) records provide the latest news on the cyber world. However, most vulnerability management tools are inefficient in detecting storage issues. Their focus is mainly on server operating systems and software products.

How to Secure Your Data Storage

Robb mentions, “In the fight against ransomware, IT is focused on the front door. They set up firewalls, website defenses, endpoint detection and response, and other tools to prevent direct incursion. Yet the back door may be wide open via storage or backup systems.” Many firms are not aware of ransomware prevention software. Besides, companies aware of such software are unfamiliar with air-gapping and other ransomware components.

One of the most crucial steps toward preventing ransomware attacks is familiarizing your team with the latest developments. Encourage IT visibility and prevent the compartmentalization of business divisions. Continuing education has recently become an integral part of every business division. Organizations must encourage IT learning and prepare the workforce for prioritizing and resolving cloud storage risks.

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