Waves Can Power Your Home, Thanks to This Device

Did you know oceanic waves have enough energy to power the entire world? Scottish startup AWS Energy is using a 50-ton buoy – Archimedes Waveswing – to generate power from waves to power up your home. The wave power generator is 7 meters high and 4 meters in diameter and has two components – floater and silo. It is tethered below the water surface to the ocean floor of Scotland’s Orkney Islands. When a wave on the gadget crests, the floater comes down. This results in an air spring to push the floater up again. The generator inside the cylinder then produces electricity from the upward and downward floater movements. In its six months of trial, AWS captured 10 kilowatts of energy, good enough to power up your home. In this CNET video, catch up with Andy Altman to find out some more about this device.

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