Connect with People – Be the Leader You Want to Be

The human brain has evolved to be social. It constantly assesses what others think and feel about us and how they respond to us, along with whether we feel safe and valued when we are with them. The question then arises: why can some people connect instantly with almost anyone they encounter while others may only have a network of one or two people? Connecting with others is too often mistaken for a natural, unteachable characteristic that only a lucky few can possess. Interestingly, the emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) you possess is what allows you to control this ability. Therefore, leaders must have a high EQ to be successful. This article at the Association for Project Management by Sara Verbruggen discusses why it is essential for project managers to connect with people.

Master the Art of Connecting with People

The year 2022 has brought opportunities to meet and connect in person. However, it has also brought tiresome presentations, pitches, and confused hosts. In his new book, ‘Connect! How to Inspire, Influence and Energise Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime,’ Simon Lancaster, a Westminster speechwriter, explores the importance of connecting. By connections, he refers to the art honed by advertisers and political strategists to make something abstract or mundane suddenly desirable.

Honing Your Skills to Connect with People

Visualize the outcomes of networking to make genuine connections. Many politicians, leaders, and celebrities master this art to remain on top of their game.Make inclusive statements. Instead of ‘I’ or ‘you,’ consider using ‘we’ for a more receptive audience. Include a moral dimension to your purpose. For instance, a higher budget needs greater responsibility and will lead to faster growth for all members involved.Use powerful metaphors that will propel people to take necessary action. For example, the government may use war metaphors to convey the gravity of a situation and motivate people to act responsibly.Keep your messages crisp to ensure they are understood easily by everybody. Using copywriter tricks like the Iambic method and formulating your sentences into threes will usually do the magic.

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