Can High Emotional Intelligence Make You a Great Leader?

People often interchangeably use the terms leadership and management. However, they are very different. For example, when you are promoted into a role where you manage people, you do not become a leader. The critical distinction between the two is that leaders have people that follow them, while managers have people that work for them. So, how can managers use high emotional intelligence to become leaders in their workplace? In her blog, Susanne Madsen explains the differences between management and leadership.

Is High Emotional Intelligence Critical to Being an Exceptional Leader?

Often, managers have prolific technical and communication skills. However, they lack a high emotional quotient (EQ). This is what sets leaders apart from managers. An organization led by managers lacking high emotional intelligence cannot survive the complex business environment. So, why is EQ crucial?

It develops a positive work culture in the organization that boosts efficiency and productivity.It instigates innovation, creativity, and growth among team members.It helps leaders and employees make the right decisions in difficult times.It develops a strong bond between leaders and their teams.

What Sets Leaders Apart from Managers?

Factors such as situations, groups, or cultures determine different leadership and management styles. Here are some top differences between a leader and a manager.

Leaders develop the vision while managers strategically implement an organization’s vision. Often, leaders encourage team members to understand and advocate for the vision.Leaders create change and value innovation to help the organization grow continuously. On the contrary, managers act as order-takers to implement the changes. Studies found that employees correlate strong leadership to organizational innovation success.Leaders influence and motivate employees to contribute towards business growth. They focus on the values and trust of people. On the other hand, managers rely on organizational hierarchy and structure to command results.

The good news is that leadership can be learned. In contrast to IQ, our level of EQ is never set,” says Madsen. Furthermore, you can possess high emotional intelligence at any age. So, are you a leader or a manager?

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