Product Management: What Is a Head of Product Role?

The product management (PM) field is evolving every day. Today, many large enterprises and startups consider PM a core concept in their value creation journey. One of the crucial organizational roles for large-scale enterprises and startups that adopt a product mindset is the ‘Head of Product’. So, what are the roles and responsibilities of a head of product role? In his blog, Roman Pichler explains what the Head of Product must do.

Responsibilities of the Head of Product Role

The product management team is a structured department comprising hard-working professionals with a shared goal—producing the best product for the market. But what exactly is the head of product role about? What is expected of the job position?

Interpersonal Skills

The head of the product role demands possessing strong interpersonal skills. “Create an environment where people feel valued and can speak their minds. Genuinely care about the individuals on your team and show appreciation for their efforts,” says Pichler. Additionally, they must practice active listening and motivate the team members to work towards achieving goals.

Communication Skills

Product management leads must be able to effectively communicate their ideas. They must set clear expectations with team members, so that product development stays on track. Furthermore, they must encourage a growth mindset and create a failure-tolerant environment.

Head of Product Role and Problem Resolution

The head of product management must be able to identify the issues in the strategies junior product developers create. In addition, product executives must also resolve these strategic issues. Remember, these issues can potentially damage the development team’s ability to meet the product’s financial, strategic, and technical goals.

Technical Skills

Product management leads must possess technical skills. If the organization creates apps or software, the head of product management must be able to work with the engineers to identify and resolve issues. Furthermore, they must also ensure that the product delivers a positive user experience.

To read the original article, https://www.romanpichler.com/blog/what-should-a-head-of-product-do/.

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