Are You Prepared to Face These Business Challenges?

Every company has faced unique challenges in the last few years. According to industry experts, enterprises will face new problems in 2023 amidst the evolving business landscape. However, you can still prepare your company for challenges bound to pop up, no matter the industry. In this video, Bernard Marr explains the seven biggest challenges enterprises will face in 2023. Experts highlight ongoing inflation and subdued economic growth as one of the biggest business challenges.

Additionally, the world is increasingly waking up to climate disasters. This means investors and consumers prefer companies with proper environmental credentials. Therefore, companies must customize their products/services to suit the customers’ buying preferences. Marr points out that cybersecurity is one of the top business challenges in the coming year. Educating employees about security measures, instructing everyone to use multi-factor authentication, and upgrading to new software to secure confidential information is a priority. Additionally, Marr indicates disruptive technologies, supply chain management, and finding the right talent as significant business challenges. Watch this video to learn more.

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