Is the Super App the Future of Digital Business?

People spend most of their time using digital devices, especially smartphones, to fulfill their daily needs. They like to use various apps such as online payments, healthcare, travel, online streaming, grocery, meal delivery, etc. Today, it is common practice for people to reach for their smartphones when they have questions and want answers. This has resulted in the rapidly growing global app industry. Major corporations and technology companies are actively seeking ways to secure a share of the revenue by developing a “super app.” This article at TechBullion by Luke Fitzpatrick analyzes whether the super app is a boon or a bane.

What Is a Super App?

The term ‘super app’ refers to a mobile application that provides multiple services all in one place. Imagine a super app as a mall that gives other businesses and shops retail space to offer goods and services. Super applications have extra benefits in addition to allowing users to choose from among over 100 offers in a single app. For example:

Establishing a strong clienteleConnecting with your customers on their preferred digital platformSecuring a significant share of the digital revenue connected to your clientsAmassing an enormous amount of user dataFreeing up space on your clients’ phones and providing a better customer experienceSaving your clients time by providing a one-stop-shop service

Benefits of Deploying the Super Application

Targeting sizable consumer groups with the all-in-one service platformReducing costs of multiple KYC (know your consumers)Lowering the cost of numerous app developmentDrawing more clients because it has more featuresMaking it more engagingEnabling you to get more funding

According to a Statista report, more than 67% of consumers in the US are interested in integrating multiple digital experiences in a single super app. From the statistics, you can infer that the super application is here to stay. It may also represent an opportunity for many companies preparing to expand online. Furthermore, the author elaborates on saving app development costs, increasing app retention rates, and widening your customer reach.

To read the original article, click on https://techbullion.com/rise-of-the-super-app-an-opportunity-or-threat/

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