Enterprise Security: How to Build Cyber Resilience

In recent times, cybercrimes have grown in frequency and complexity. For businesses to stay competitive in an unpredictable environment, organizations’ security must be the top priority for IT leaders. So, how do you improve enterprise security when users — at all levels of the business — may inadvertently put your network in danger? Shannon Flynn shares invaluable tips for fostering enterprise network security in this article at CIO Insight.

Tips to Bolster Your Enterprise Security

Use the Zero-Trust Approach to Strengthen Your Enterprise Security

The modern business environment is quite complex. Today, many employees still work remotely. This allows employees to use applications outside corporate network protections. As a result, remotely connected devices pave the way for an increasing number of cyberattacks. Therefore, organizations must adopt a zero-trust approach to secure their networks. Zero trust demands all users—inside or outside the business’s network—to be consistently authenticated and validated to gain access to data and applications.

Train Your Employees

Phishing attacks have caused several high-profile breaches, including the successful attack on the COVID-19 cold supply chain in 2020. These attacks usually involve convincing emails that deceive employees into taking action or providing information,” says Flynn. Organizations can counter cyber incidents by educating employees about identifying and resolving suspicious activities.

Refresh Your Network Security Controls

If you have not reviewed your enterprise security controls, assess if they need a refresh. For example, evaluate if your firewalls and virtual private network (VPN) gateways offer the functionality to meet your hybrid workforce needs. Additionally, identify if you can monitor network traffic for your users. If your cybersecurity requirements are not met, consider deploying additional security software or adopting cloud-based security solutions.

Prepare for Security Breaches

Security breaches are inevitable. Therefore, be thoroughly prepared to handle compromises to reduce the amount of damage. Alongside this, equip your IT teams with the right technology to detect security incidents as early as possible. Furthermore, your company must foster a culture of honesty. Punishing employees for innocent mistakes can make them hide their errors. This can further allow compromises to last longer and cause severe damage.

To learn more about enterprise security, click on https://www.cioinsight.com/security/enterprise-network-security-tips/#4-Provide-employees-with-cybersecurity-training.

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