Security Infrastructure: Are Flaws a Long-term Problem?

The exponential growth of the internet has led to massive cyberattack incidents in recent times. The attacks are often disastrous and with grievous consequences. The cyber incidents have led companies and individuals alike to rethink the safety of their networks. So, how do vulnerabilities affect your security infrastructure? In this article at SiliconANGLE, Mark Albertson explains how security bugs are a long-term threat to your business.

Is Your Security Infrastructure Protected?

Cybercriminals often target financial firms, retailers, and healthcare service providers. Additionally, experts believe cyber espionage is one of the most dangerous threats to government organizations. This is because advanced persistent threat (APT) groups constantly search for vulnerabilities to exploit and gather sensitive data on a large scale. Another danger posed by hacker groups on a global scale is the possibility of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructures, such as gas pipelines, water facilities, and smart grids.

Do Threats Affect Security Infrastructure for a Long Time?

The Log4j vulnerability is one of the most severe security vulnerabilities in recent years. “The vulnerability became known as Heartbleed, which weakened security for common internet communication protocols, such as SSL and TSL. The Heartbleed bug has proved difficult to eradicate, and cybersecurity vendors continue to deal with vulnerabilities in OpenSSL,” says Albertson. Furthermore, security professionals find it extremely hard to understand if this code is part of their application. In addition, many vendors are still trying to identify if their products are impacted. The consequences of the Log4j flaw have continued to unfold over the years. There is already the fear that Log4j vulnerabilities could be a long-term problem.

Software Inventory Management Is a Must

So, why do you need a software inventory to protect your security infrastructure? The author believes an inventory of software ingredients will help organizations identify the points of greatest potential vulnerability. According to security professionals, a company without an accurate software inventory can find it very challenging to track down every application used in the enterprise.

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