Good Leaders Lead from the Heart

People are drawn to leaders and organizations that effectively communicate what they believe. Their ability to make their team feel like they belong, to make them feel safe and not alone, is one of the things that inspire them. Good leaders should be able to inspire their team members to excel and thrive in the ever-changing competitive environment. Simon Sinek suggests leaders and everybody who wants to be a leader one day should introspect their actions. Therefore, you must reflect if you inspired or made others feel better by genuinely caring for them. Leading with a genuine heart and intentions is a powerful skill every leader must harness, and they can learn it by getting feedback from their team members. Being a leader, you must appreciate your team members for their efforts, irrespective of your personal feelings for them. Some team members may be flawed, but they may inspire you to lead with a genuine heart. In his vlog, Simon Sinek speaks about the core quality of natural leaders.

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