Leadership Identity: Why It Is Crucial to Work on It

Leadership identity is one of the vital factors that separates average working professionals from extraordinary ones. Employees that can lead look at an adverse situation from a problem-solving perspective. In the current working model, companies expect employees to lead in some way or another. However, many professionals believe that it is a highly challenging task. They aspire to improve their leadership skills but do not know where to start. Believing in your leadership capabilities is the first step forward. In their article for the Harvard Business Review, Julia Lee Cunningham, Laura Sonday, and Susan Sue Ashford talk about fears people face regarding their leadership identity.

Fear of Sounding Dominant

Coming across as bossy, arrogant, and autocratic is one of the prime fears people experience while channeling their leadership identity. You must find the balance between being responsive to your team’s problems and being strict. Enhancing your communication skills makes things comparatively easier. It helps you understand your team’s mindset and convey your thoughts politely and concisely.

Sense of Alienation and Leadership Identity

Many professionals believe that working as a leader alienates them from the team’s inclusive working process. As one respondent mentions, “I don’t want to be looked up to or idolized. I am comfortable leading, but at the same time, I want to be on the same level as everyone else.”

Fear of Appearing Underqualified

Several leaders resist getting into such positions because they do not want people to think of them as underqualified candidates. There is a ‘sense of reputational risk’ that employees want to avoid.

Experts believe it is essential to embrace your fundamental fears and challenges and look for solutions. If you think your professional attitude is driven by fear, think of possible ways to resolve it. Conduct a rational self-analysis and develop a habit of learning from your mistakes.

Click on the link to read the original article: https://hbr.org/2022/09/are-you-afraid-to-identify-as-a-leader

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