Government Tech: Reasons Behind Lag in Technology Adoption

When people think about adopting new technologies, government agencies are probably not the first ones that come to mind. Often, at the local, state, and national levels, government tech is known to be behind the innovation curve. A Gartner survey cites a lack of effectiveness by public sector organizations at scaling their business, misalignment between digital strategy and business priorities, and lack of readiness for change as the reasons for digital lags. On the other hand, some believe that cultural rather than technological challenges stop leaders from making digital transformation (DX) progress. In this article at Raconteur, Morag Cuddeford-Jones explains the problem behind the public sector’s digital lag.

Government Tech Lag: What Is Hindering the Progress?

A digital business and technology strategy must always be a part of a more extensive business transformation journey. Public sector professionals believe data usage and skills are significant barriers to digital technology investment. To improve transformation initiatives, public sector organizations must improve the digital dexterity of their employees. According to studies, 58 percent of government tech professionals believe they lack a formal program to hone the digital skills required for business success. Furthermore, the 2022 Digital Trends – Public Sector in Focus report from Adobe cites that 61% of government tech staff felt their organizations lacked critical digital skills such as journey mapping or design thinking.

Why Is Culture a Significant Challenge in Public Sector?

Cuddeford-Jones quotes Martyn Wallace, chief digital officer for the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government, that says, “In private sector organizations, the culture is to fail fast but learn from it. The challenge is that we have less money and higher expectations and scrutiny, and we look after the whole population.” Wallace believes that public sector tech professionals must be able to fail and learn rather than be crucified. Many government tech officials believe that any organization can have an excellent DX strategy and technology. However, culture leads to any program or project’s success or failure.

Today, government tech leaders are under immense pressure from the public, press, and internal culture to focus on frontline digital skills and awareness of what is digital and what is not. Under such pressure, will they be able to lead their organizations toward digital transformation success?

To read the original article, click on https://www.raconteur.net/public-sector/the-public-sectors-digital-lag-is-the-problem-tech-or-mindset/.

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