How Businesses Must Boost Collaboration Security

Organizations have changed how they worked before the pandemic. Most communication and business transactions occur online. The market is flooded with new collaboration technologies that make online communique more secure for companies. You can make a voice call or have a video chat with your coworker or clients on an approved time span. So, securing communication channels to restrict hackers has become imperative. In this article at CSO Online, learn how to boost collaboration security when the company operates on remote or hybrid work models.

How to Achieve Collaboration Security

One of the most popular formats of communication these days is video. Collaboration security vendors provide enough gigabytes to store the data. However, along with the video, transcripts and chats are also getting stored. Do you know where they are storing the detail? Are you really in control of that data?

The Smart Way to Improve Collaboration Security

Market research firm Metrigy surveyed 400 companies in 2021. The highly successful firms have the highest returns from the money spent on collaboration technologies. Twenty percent of these companies have more chances of allocating a budget for collaboration security rather than the laggards. Here are the five ways you can improve collaboration security in your company:

Get a Cross-Platform Tool

Purchasing collaboration technologies is not enough. Search for tools that have cross-platform integration abilities. That way, you can improve collaboration safety.

Have Regular Checkpoints With the Security Team

As a chief security officer, you must have knowledge of the security team operations like the back of your hand. This will allow you to manage daily processes and alerts for your organization.

Supporting All the Communication Channels

While you must take care of email security, track the new channels of collaboration too. Have a centralized system to monitor all channels from a single window.

Be Aware of Your Reputation Risk Too

You should not forget to pay attention to the interrelated risks as well. Communication security does not only boost the safety of the communication channels but also helps you retain the company’s reputation.

Zero Trust or No Access

Remote workers often have to go through multi-factor authentication. However, you must help employees understand that zero-trust collaboration security can boost overall company security.

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