Project Integration Management Ensures a Better Outcome

When you hear about a successful project, rest assured the team experienced good project integration management. The process assists managers in ensuring that all the project elements are well in place. The activity includes everything from scheduling and budgeting to the project crew working toward common goals. This helps managers to develop and track their project’s progress with transparency. They can also monitor and mitigate risks while documenting the actions taken to remove the bottlenecks. In this article in the Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares how project integration management ensures a better outcome.

Guide to Project Integration Management

What Is It?

About project integration management, Harrin says, “It’s alignment. It’s joining the dots. It’s the glue.” It is basically how you, as a manager, can control your project’s developmental phases.

How to Start Project Integration Management

Before you start the integration process, sync all the workflows, resources, and deliverables. Update everyone and everything when things change. When you are procuring items for the project, include that in the procurement management plan. Pay attention to the risks because those can result in new action items, budget upheaval, and resource reassignments. Furthermore, have a clear plan for project integration, interact with your team members, and be flexible to change.

Why Do You Need to Integrate?

Once you have integrated the project in its entirety, it is less likely that your team members will work on the same tasks or waste valuable bandwidth on unnecessary job assignments. Additionally, this helps the team members to see the big picture and feel dedicated to reaching the aligned goals.

How to Successfully Implement Integration

Clear-cut documentation of roles and responsibilitiesBetter planning processes for the projectA project schedule with reasonable milestones and deliverablesRegular interaction with project stakeholders regarding project progress

What Are the Challenges?

Poor communication and irregular updatesImproper integration of project plansNo timeline or effort estimation

What Steps to Follow

Better communication among stakeholdersRegular review sessions and feedback ingestion for project improvementPeople equipped with the latest updates to accept changes readily

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