Cyber Resilience – Going Beyond Cyber Security

Today, strengthening an enterprise’s data and storage infrastructure’s cyber resilience is more important than ever. Ransomware assaults from the pandemic era have brought attention to the necessity for strong cybersecurity measures. Leading businesses are now taking it further and adopting a robust security paradigm. This transition will ensure sustainable operations regardless of the event or impact while bringing agility to incident response. Cyber resiliency harmonizes the strategies, tactics, and planning of previously classified disciplines for an integrated, all-encompassing approach to responding to cyber incidents. This article at Good e-Learning elaborates on the importance of strengthening your company’s cyber resilience.

What Is Cyber Resilience? Why Is it Important?

Despite your best efforts to prevent cyberattacks, there is always a possibility that an attack will take place. This is the foundation of cyber resilience. Cybersecurity is all about taking steps to fend off threats. Contrarily, it refers to being prepared to handle an attack if cybersecurity measures are insufficient to deter attackers.

As a business owner, you must take precautions to minimize the potential harm caused by cyber accidents to recover more quickly and easily from such occurrences. Your reputation suffers as a result, and you also lose the confidence of your clients and staff. However, you may recover from situations like this by acting swiftly and efficiently, minimizing disruption, and getting back on track as soon as possible if you have a strong IT security strategy.

Insights from the Global Cybersecurity Outlook Report

In January 2022, The World Economic Forum and Accenture jointly released a new report titled “Global Cybersecurity Outlook” that contained the findings of a poll conducted among 120 global leaders from 20 different nations. The analysis also showed that just 55% of IT executives agreed with 92% of surveyed business leaders that cyber resilience is a component of an enterprise’s risk management strategy. Obtaining support from decision-makers, which includes coordinating security goals with business goals and having enough funding to fulfill cybersecurity requirements, is another critical problem mentioned by IT leaders.

Furthermore, the article discusses the importance of cyber resilience strategy and the RESILIA framework.

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