Product Strategy Meetings: How to Optimize Their Performance

Product strategy meetings are essential in bringing together stakeholders, senior leaders, and the workforce to optimize business productivity. However, involving such diverse people with varying experiences makes the process quite challenging. You must have gone through a meeting that lacked an objective, was delayed or did not serve the purpose. Such product strategy meetings can discourage the workforce and serve as a bad example for the company’s workplace policies. In one of his articles, Roman Pichler shares how you can make your corporate meetings more effective.

Tips to Improve Your Product Strategy Meetings

Decide an Objective

Establish the objective of your meeting and convey it before you begin. Inform the participants about the outcome you want to achieve and how you plan to go accomplish it.

Involve Relevant Individuals

Make a thoughtful list of people you want to be involved in the meetings. Consider their roles and how they can help you achieve the desired results.

Collect Product Data

Getting a hold of the data puts you in a more informed position. Pichler shares a few ways to amass relevant data:

Product strategy workshopsSprint planning meetingsSprint review meetings

Focus on the Agenda

Here is a list of goals you must determine to finalize the agenda of your meeting:

Welcome and check-in.Convey the objective.Discuss KPIs.Assess the business strategy.Discuss business growth.Review ongoing policies.Conclude the meeting.

Allow People to Socialize

Give the participants certain leeway to connect and familiarize themselves with one another before they start the meeting.

Appoint a Facilitator

Involving a facilitator can ease the transitions of the meetings. A facilitator can help you initiate and conclude the discussions, introduce rules and objectives, and encourage participation. A facilitator can also enable people to reach a conclusion by encouraging them to get a middle ground. They can also help the meeting by keeping the speakers on track if they digress.

Introduce Basic Rules

Here is a list of rules you should implement to conduct an effective meeting:

Install cameras.Silence mobile devices.Instill a collaborative ambiance.Be respectful.Listen to people without judgment.Be honest.Ask questions.Voice your opinions.Do not interrupt others when they speak.Be mentally present in the meeting.

Be Decisive in Product Strategy Meetings

You can make well-informed decisions by deciding upon something unanimously, by consent, or by the decision of the product person.

Decide the Duration of Meetings

Focusing on the duration allows you to bifurcate the time for the necessary points of discussion.

End the Meeting Effectively

Summarize the key points of the discussion, state the course of action, and gather feedback from the participants.

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